Halloween Owls Invitation

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The owls are back! Or at least one of them is. In case you haven’t seen them, I made a collection of Halloween owls cupcake toppers back in 2012. You can see a photo of them below.

Well, I might be a little slow, but I finally got around to making a matching invitation. It features one of the cute owls, joined by some of his bat friends for All Hallows Eve. I just love the purple and orange color scheme, and the whimsical, magical look of this design.

In addition to this cute colorful example, and the ones in the toppers, in real life owls come in all shapes and sizes. If you look at the Wikipedia page on owls, you’ll see what I mean. My personal favorite is the laughing owl, which was probably the inspiration for the illustrator to create the images used in these designs (whether she knew it or not).  It has white around the eyes, just like the illustrations.

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(The matching cupcake toppers can be found below.)

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This design has the same square shape as many of my announcement templates. If you want instructions for making this shape, please visit the link below:

printable party invitation instructions


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Credits: Thanks to Cherry Clipart for the cute owl used in this template. The “Boo!” text is from my Halloween word art.

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Free Printable St. Patrick’s Day Cupcake Picks

Click on the St. Patrick’s Day cupcake toppers template below to enlarge and download it.

st-patricks-day-toppersThese cheerful St. Patrick’s Day party circles make terrific cupcake toppers, as you can see from the photo. but you can also use them to make banners, envelope seals, table scatters, or anything else your imagination can come up with.

They come in three designs: a green leprechaun hat with a gold buckle, a pot of gold with a shamrock on it and a four-leaf clover. The toppers are super simple to make. Just print them on your color printer, using a nice white card stock. If you’re not used to printing on card stock, make sure the stock you buy will work with your printer. You can usually get that information on the package, but if you don’t see it, ask at the store where you buy your paper.

Once the template is printed, just cut the circles with a circle cutter or punch. I personally use this punch but you can use any punch or cutting device you prefer. To make the picks, just tape or glue a toothpick or cocktail pick (which is slightly larger than a toothpick and available in most grocery stores) to the back. If you use glue, don’t use a lot, because it will warp the card stock.


cucpcake wrappers and toppers e-bookTo complete the effect and create a really polished look, I paired the circles with wrappers from my Printable Year-Round Cupcake Toppers and Wrappers e-book. As you can see in the photos, it has polka dot and herringbone designs in various shades of green, which can be paired with the circles. You could also use some of the other colors of wrappers, too, if you want to mix it up a bit.

The contents of the book can be used on any computer; you don’t need a Kindle, or any other kind of e-reader or tablet. Just download whichever of these FREE Amazon Kindle apps applies to you. There is an app for virtually any type of device or phone.

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Credits: Thanks to Josy Carson for the illustrations used in the cupcake toppers.

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Free Printable Valentine Wineglass Lampshade Template

Scroll down to click on the link to download the free valentine wineglass lampshade.

Valentine heart  wineglass lampshade and cupcake toppers

Here’s a bit of fun for those who want to do something different to decorate for Valentine’s Day — a free wineglass lampshade! It’s a great way to spruce up for the holiday, even if you’re on a budget. Here are the steps to make it:

  1. Download the template artwork (see the link below)
  2. Print the template on card stock or paper
  3. Cut around the lampshade shape
  4. Glue or tape the back so ti forms a circle
  5. Place on the top of a wineglass
  6. Use some clear Museum Gel or something similar at the back of the lampshade to hold it to the glass (optional)

I used a clear wineglass, but for extra fun, you can use one with some color.

To make sure I didn’t burn the house down by getting a flame in touch with the paper shade, I used an extremely inexpensive LED tea light (three for $1 at the dollar store) instead of a candle. I strongly suggest you do the same. It’s not worth the risk to use a candle. And you get 60 hours out of one LED tea light, so you can use it plenty of times before it burns out.

cucpcake wrappers and toppers e-bookAs you can see from the photo, this lampshade design also has matching valentine heart cupcake toppers, and pink polka dot and heart wrappers, which are available in my new Printable Year-Round Cupcake Toppers and Wrappers Kindle e-book. For $2.99 you get the topper and two different wrapper designs shown here, plus 16 other seasonal toppers (Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, winter, summer, spring, fall and eight more), plus 41 other wrappers. It’s a ridiculously good deal that will give you toppers and wrappers for almost any seasonal occasion throughout the year.

The book contains all the printable files and instructions you’ll need to be creative all year! And don’t worry if you don’t have a Kindle or even any kind of tablet. You can use a FREE Kindle reading app to view the book on any device. Those apps also will allow you to view any Kindle book, not just mine.

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Click here and read numbers 4-6 in the FAQ if you have any problems downloading, unzipping or printing the file.

Note: This free template is for personal use only. See the terms of use for more details.

Credit: Thanks to Josy Carson for the heart image and to Marisa Lerin of PixelScrapper.com for the polka dot pattern used in the lampshade wrapper designs.

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