Princess Cupcake Picks

Click on the link to the free printable princess party cupcake pick template below to enlarge and download it.

Quinceanera princessesThese three little princesses can serve quite a few purposes. You can use them all together on cupcakes for a little girl’s party. Or you can pair the one that looks like Cinderella with the Cinderella invitation from one of my other sites. Or you can choose the one that most looks like the birthday girl and use it for a Quinceanera celebration.

Each princess has “Pretty as a princess” written in flowing script on her skirt. Cinderella has long flowing blonde hair and is dressed all in pink. The beautiful African American princess has her hair up in a sophisticated bun is in almond, green and purple with flowers at her waist and the brunette princess is also in pink, with a blue flower on her bodice. All are wearing princess crowns.

Three designs of princess cupcake toppersTo make these, you’ll need sharp scissors to cut around the faint gray lines. (I use tiny manicure scissors with curved blades but you can use whatever works best for you.) This will leave a white border around each princess. If you prefer not to have the border, you can cut around the images themselves. I warn you, though, there will be a lot of tiny edges and curves to cut. That’s why I used the white borders: to keep you from cursing my name as you cut around little pieces of hair!

Once they’re cut, you can make toppers out of them by using a small vertical line of glue from the bottom to about halfway up the back. Then, just lay a toothpick or party pick (slightly larger than a toothpick) into the glue, make sure it’s straight up and down, and then let it dry. You can also decorate them with glitter glue, rhinestones and faux pearls. If you use glitter or glitter glue, though, make sure to use a coat of clear glue (I recommend Emer’s school glue) over the glitter, so it won’t fall onto the cupcakes.

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Credits: Thanks to Cherry Clipart for these beautiful princesses.

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3rd Birthday Party Invitation Template

Free downloadable third birthday party invitations

Click on the free 3rd birthday invitation template to enlarge and download.

This 3rd birthday party invite is in a generic but really cute (I think, anyway!) pastel purple and pale green color scheme. So you can use it for either a boy’s or a girl’s birthday party. It has a purple polka dot background with a really large “3,” just in case anyone is in doubt how old the birthday child will be. It also has a cheerful snail and bumble bee and the message, “Please Come to My 3rd Birthday Party.”

This 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ template is designed to fit in the standard A2 envelope size. Of course, you can make your invitations larger or smaller if you want to deliver them by hand or by e-mail. To prep them for e-mail, you can pop the image into a photo editor like Photoshop Elements, or (the last two are free online applications). Once in there, add text for all the pertinent details in a layer over the image. You can then save the image and text combination to create a new .jpg or PNG file. Once you have that, you can insert it into your e-mail.

To download the art, click on the image to the right and save it to your computer. If the art doesn’t download automatically when clicked, double-click on it to produce a larger version. If you use a PC, right-click to save it. If you use a Mac, control-click it. To read further instructions for creating this A2 size invitation and tips for embellishing it, click the white, pink and orange button below or the link in this sentence to go to my 1st birthday invitations hub. If you happen to have a child turning one, that page has a nice selection of free invitation designs.
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Credits: Many thanks to Justie Jewkes of Just Creations for the cute snail and bumble bee illustrations, and to Wicked Princess Scraps for the polka dot background.

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Printable 1st Birthday Party Announcements

free printable first birthday invitation templatesClick the free 1st birthday invitation templates in the middle of the post to enlarge and download them.

These free printable designs feature a popular theme: ladybugs. The cute cartoon ladybugs are flying around on a blue heart background for boys and a pink heart background for girls. Each has a flower and leaves border, plus giant-sized number ones as part of their design, drawing special attention to the milestone that is a first birthday.

These 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ sized templates will fit perfectly in standard A2 envelopes. You can also make them smaller or larger if you will be delivering them by hand. Either way, just download the art below by clicking on the one you want and saving it to your hard drive.

Download the art here:

free printable ladybug boys first birthday announcement
free printable ladybug girls first birthday invite

If the artwork doesn’t begin downloading when clicked, save it to your computer by double-clicking on it to create a larger version, and control-clicking if you’re a Mac user or right-clicking it with your mouse if you’re a PC user.  To get further instructions for creating the templates or to see more 1st birthday party designs, click on the button below or the link in this sentence to go to my printable 1st birthday invitation art hub.
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Please be aware that these designs are for your personal use only. Read the usage terms for more info and for instructions for posting links to this page or

Credits: Many thanks to Chriscrap for the ladybugs, Trina Clark of for the flowers and leaves used in the border and to Wicked Princess Scraps for the heart overlay used to make the backgrounds.

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