Free Thanksgiving Printables: Cupcake Toppers

Click on the free printable Thanksgiving cupcake picks template below to enlarge and download it.

free Thanksgiving party picksThese cute free Thanksgiving printables are the perfect way to quickly and easily dress up Thanksgiving cupcakes. If you’re cooking Thanksgiving dinner, you know you’re going to be busy. These ready-to-make toppers can save time on Thanksgiving day, because they can be made way in advance. So all you have to do is just pop them into cupcakes at the last minute. If you’re really smart, you’ll get one of your guests to bring the cupcakes, to make it even easier on you!

The toppers feature whimsical pilgrims bearing Thanksgiving dinner items, and a turkey wearing a pilgrim hat, collar and shoes (obviously he doesn’t know what’s coming, so he’s dressed in solidarity with his future cook). They both sit on plaid backgrounds with a lacy and homey looking border.

To make these, you can use a Cricut or other cutting machine, or a simple 2″ hand punch. I use a Marvy Uchida 2-inch circle cutter for all my projects and find it works quite nicely. You can also cut them by hand, but just be aware that it will take a while.

Download the template here:

free printable Thanksgiving cupcake pick templateIf the template posted above doesn’t download right away when you click on it, you can save it to your hard drive by right-clicking your mouse (if you’re a PC user) or control-clicking (if you’re a Mac  user). If you need instructions or suggestions for embellishing these free Thanksgiving cupcake toppers, click the button below or the link in this sentence to go to my printable cupcake picks hub.

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Credits: Many thanks to Lisa of for the turkey and pilgrim cartoons.

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Thanksgiving Invitation Template

Click on the free printable Thanksgiving dinner invitations template below to enlarge and download it.

Free printable Thanksgiving invitation template

This design really summons up the feeling of fall. (Never mind that it’s boiling hot and the middle of summer right now when I’m posting it!) It has warm brown, maroon and golden tones in the background that has just a whisper of leaf images and a texture like the fabric of a heavy winter coat. There’s also a wreath of subtly colored autumn leaves, surrounded by the words “You’re Invited For Thanksgiving.” I think it’s a classy design, but then again, I’m a little biased. It’s sized to print well up to 7″ x 7″ square, but of course, you can print it any size you want that’s smaller than that.

If this design isn’t what you’re looking for, you might want to check out my free Thanksgiving invites hub, which has five additional square designs, plus instructions for making this square format. Click the link in the first sentence of this paragraph or the button below to go to the hub.


Please note that if the template above doesn’t begin downloading when you click on it (as it sometimes will, depending on your operating system), just save it to your hard drive by right-clicking (if you have a PC) or control-clicking (if you have a Mac).

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Credits: Thanks to Cajoline of of and Granny of for the images used to make this invitation design.

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