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Free cocktail party announcement art

This free cocktail party design is a little sassy, while still being classy. The cute illustration of a woman holding a brightly colored martini was created by Kendall Scoboria, and I think it’s really stunning. The illustration — plus the yellow polka dot and black background and the hot pink “Cocktail Party!” heading — really make this invitation design pop. I hope you’ll find the design useful for cocktail parties year-round, and maybe even for the holidays. The fact that the woman is wearing a little (very little!) black dress and pearls means you can use this for anything from an informal soiree to a formal cocktail party.

If you want a design that’s less about cocktails than about partying in general, please visit my free printable party invitation designs hub. It has some generic square designs that can also be used for a cocktail party, plus instructions for making this format. Click the link in the first sentence of this paragraph or the button below to go there.


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Credits: Thanks to Kendall Scoboria of ARS Grafik for the cocktail woman illustration and to for providing the download.

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  1. I’ve used these images in the past and they’re fantastic. I recommend them to everyone.

  2. PartyKits says:

    Thanks, Billy!

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