free valentine party invitation for personal useClick on the image to enlarge and download theĀ valentine party invitation template.

This free printable valentine party invitation template can obviously be used for Valentine’s day. But it also could come in handy for birthday, engagement, anniversary or retirement parties. I specifically didn’t add “You’re Invited for Valentine’s Day” to the invitation design so it could be more versatile.

I think it’s best left to use by and for women though. The soft pinks, purples and turquoise and the frou-frou ribbon, roses and butterflies would make it less than optimum for a Father’s Day party invitation! It would probably be pretty good for Mother’s Day party, though, now that I’m thinking about it.

I’ve also designed some other free Valentine party invitations in the same square format. You can download them or get instructions for creating this invitation by clicking the link in the previous sentence or the button below:

Please note that this valentine party invitation template is for personal use only.

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Credits: Thanks to Helga Stolzenwald of, Gunhilde Storeide of and Cajoline of for use of their images in this design.

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