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The owls are back! Or at least one of them is. In case you haven’t seen them, I made a collection of Halloween owls cupcake toppers back in 2012. You can see a photo of them below.

Well, I might be a little slow, but I finally got around to making a matching invitation. It features one of the cute owls, joined by some of his bat friends for All Hallows Eve. I just love the purple and orange color scheme, and the whimsical, magical look of this design.

In addition to this cute colorful example, and the ones in the toppers, in real life owls come in all shapes and sizes. If you look at the Wikipedia page on owls, you’ll see what I mean. My personal favorite is the laughing owl, which was probably the inspiration for the illustrator to create the images used in these designs (whether she knew it or not).  It has white around the eyes, just like the illustrations.

Click here to download the invite template

(The matching cupcake toppers can be found below.)

You can save the template to your hard drive by right-clicking (PC) or control-clicking (Mac).

This design has the same square shape as many of my announcement templates. If you want instructions for making this shape, please visit the link below:



Click here to download the toppers template

The free Halloween owl party printables on this page, and all the free images on this site, are for personal use only. Please see the Image Terms of Use for complete details.

Credits: Thanks to Cherry Clipart for the cute owl used in this template. The “Boo!” text is from my Halloween word art.


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