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For those of us who live in America, these flower toppers are ideal for creating patriotic cupcakes for election day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July, Veterans Day. And they are incredibly easy to make. Just download and print the template below on the thickest paper your printer will allow and cut carefully around the outline of the shapes.

Manicure scissors with curved blades are perfect for this. If you don’t have any or yours are dull, I’ve found that using a fine Emory board on the edges of any scissors will help keep them sharp enough to get around the small curves in the template with ease.

The template can be used to make flat or three-dimensional toppers or picks. You can use one on a stick by itself, multiple of the same design for one pick, or mix and match the color schemes for one pick. Because of this, the three designs in the template can be used to create lots of different looks. And adding ribbons and bows in different colors and patterns, and rhinestones and glitter can extend the variety even more.

Scroll down to see samples of some finished picks.

Samples of patriotic cupcakes made with this template

To Make the 3D Toppers

To make the 3D versions, just fold the desired number of cut flower petals (any number from four to 10 looks good) in half. Then, use repositionable glue stick on one half of the first petal. Glue the next folded petal to it, making sure to align all the edges before the glue dries. Glue as many as you want together and then place a line of liquid glue down the center where the folded edges meet. Lay a toothpick or cocktail pick (these are longer than toothpicks) in the glue, and then use the glue stick to seal the last two petal halves in place.

To make a flat version, simply lay a cut flower on a table, face down. Draw a thin line of liquid glue (glue that’s too thick will make the cardstock warp), from the bottom center of the flower to about 3/4 of the way up. Then, lay a toothpick to cocktail pick in the glue, taking care to make sure it’s not crooked. Let it sit undisturbed until the glue is almost set. You can pick it up and check it at that point to see if you need to adjust it at all before it’s finally dry.

Credits: Thanks to Josy Carson for the flower illustrations.

Terms: This free template is for personal use only. Please read the terms of use for more information.

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