Free Pirate Birthday Party Hat Template

free printable pirate birthday party hat templateClick on the pirate birthday party hat template below to enlarge and download it.

This free pirate party hat will put the “yo ho ho” in your next party. With its black background and glowing white skull and crossbones, it definitely conjures up the pirate vibe. But this pirate hat design isn’t too unfriendly; the skull is smiling!

This printable pirate party hat is made from the same 8 1/2″ x 11″ sized .jpg template as the clown birthday party hat on this site and the other designs (fairy princess, stars, safari animals, western denim and cowhide, and ladybugs and strawberries) on my free birthday party hats hub. It’s very easy to print and make. Check out the instructions and some tips for embellishing it by clicking the button below the hat template artwork.

free printable pirate party hat template

Click below for more party hat designs, detailed instructions and tips for embellishing these pirate birthday party hats:

printable birthday party hat instructions

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Note: This free pirate party hat template is for personal use only. See the terms of use for more details.

Credit: Thanks to Jamie Dell ( for the skull and crossbones image and background pattern used in this template design.

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