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FREE princess toppers I wish these girly girl princess birthday decorations had been around when I was a little girl! I would have loved them because they’re so pink and princess-y. Whenever the kids in the neighborhood played dress-up or make-believe, I always had to be the princess. So much so that my father built a huge wooden chest and put it on our patio to hold all my princess dresses and accouterment. Now I’m just a princess in my head, but I still like pink and anything princess-related!

As with my Halloween cupcake toppers, the cute illustrations in these designs come from the talented Lisa Craig-Mullins. They include six princess-theme designs: a royal carriage, a castle, a birthday cake topped by a crown, two different princess images (one brunette, one blond*) and a frog carrying a scepter who’s just waiting to receive the kiss that will turn him into a handsome prince. As with all our toppers, these can also be used as coasters, table scatters, hanging decorations and more.

If you’d like instructions or suggestions for embellishing these cupcake toppers, click the button below to visit my printable cupcake toppers hub, which also has a few other pink cupcake toppers.

My apologies that there aren’t African American or Asian versions of princesses in these cupcake toppers. I would love nothing more, but there weren’t any of those types of images available. But I provided four other images that don’t reflect ethnicity, so anyone can use and enjoy them.

Free printable princess birthday invitation template

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Credits: Thanks to Lisa Craig-Mullins of Primsy Doodle Designs for the illustrations and to for the cupcake image.

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Printable pink princess birthday cupcake picks

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