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This free printable template is called Strawberry Fields, for obvious reasons. I got in the mood for spring, so I used GrannyArt’s beautiful strawberry plant illustrations to create a wreath realistic enough to attract two pretty digital butterflies.

I designed this artwork to be the same size as my collection of A2 (4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″) birthday party invitations, but since there’s nothing that specifically mentions birthdays, you can use this design for many other purposes: an engagement, anniversary, retirement, bon voyage or summer garden party, or any number of other occasions.

If this art isn’t your cup of tea, feel free to check out my other strawberry and ladybug design, which has a little more country feel to it. You can also visit my birthday party invitations hub, where you’ll find a number of other designs for adults and kids. Like this one, many of those designs don’t specifically mention birthdays, so they’re good all-around invites. You can go to the hub by clicking the link in the previous sentence or the button below.

Please note that this free template is for personal use only. The terms of use page will give you more details about how you can use this artwork.

Credits: As I mentioned above, the strawberry illustrations for this artwork came from Granny of Thanks to her and also Cajoline of, and Le Petit Scrap at for the components used in this design.

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