Free Printable Christmas and Holiday Party Invitations

Click on the image below to enlarge and download the Xmas party invitation template.

free printable Christmas party invitation template

This free holiday party invitation was designed to be cheerful and bright, in keeping with the season. It has a background of stylized snowflakes on a field of magenta and pink, and strings of glowing magenta, green and white Christmas lights. But even though there are Christmas lights in the design, the heading reads “Please help us celebrate the holidays.” Since the lights can also symbolize the season in general and there’s nothing that screams Christmas specifically, this invitation could be used for office holiday parties, or generic non-denominational holiday gatherings.

If you know how to use Photoshop or other graphic programs, you could even alter the color a bit toward the blue tones to make it suitable for Hanukkah invitations. Or, you can check out my winter party invitations hub for some blue and white invitation templates.

You can get the instructions for making these invitations and see other square holiday invitation designs by visiting my free holiday invitations hub or clicking the button below:

printable New Years Eve party invitations instructions
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If the template at the top of the page doesn’t download immediately when clicked (sometimes it will, depending on your computer’s operating system), you can save it to your hard drive by right-clicking (PC) or control-clicking (Mac).

This holiday party invitation is for your personal use only.

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Credits: Thanks to for the backgrounds and Christmas lights used in this invitation design.

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14 Responses to “Free Printable Christmas and Holiday Party Invitations”

  1. Ionut Popa says:

    I always thought that making your own party invitations is cool. It gives a sense of being involved in the event more and makes other take notice of you DIY skills too 🙂

  2. Beth Parker says:

    Another very nice invitation. You do such a good job on them!

  3. Joanne says:

    So pretty! I love the use of the color pink for the holiday invitations instead of the usual red or green. Great invitations!

  4. PartyKits says:

    Thanks, Joanne! I always try to work in pink whenever possible, because it’s my favorite color.

  5. PartyKits says:

    Thanks, Beth! 🙂

  6. PartyKits says:

    Thanks, Ionut! I especially like the DIY aspect.

  7. Alex Chris says:

    very elegant and stylish invitation! browsing around the web site I realize that you got some great stuff for every occasion. Bookmarked!

  8. PartyKits says:

    Thanks, Alex! I appreciate the kind words. 🙂

  9. Cy says:

    What a great idea! Why spend a lot of money on “off the shelf” invitations when you can print your own? Not only can you save big bucks with something like this, but it looks like loads of fun too!!

  10. PartyKits says:

    Thanks, Cy. I appreciate your enthusiastic response!

  11. William says:

    Bit too pink for me, but then, I always liked the traditional red and green 🙂

  12. PartyKits says:

    I’m not surprised pink isn’t your thing, William. I think most guys feel that way. 🙂

  13. Elle says:

    This one is adorable. I would totally use this one for my next Christmas party! Super cute.

  14. PartyKits says:

    Thanks, Elle!

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