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This whimsical Teddy bear tea party artwork features sweet little Lilly and her Teddy bear, which are creations of illustrator Lisa Craig-Mullins. Surrounded by pink polka dots and a swirly border, Lilly is dressed in Mary Jane shoes and a party dress with a bow in her hair. She and her Teddy bear are smilingly asking that you attend her tea party. The mauve, pink brown and white color scheme — not to mention the very cute illustration — make this a wonderful tea party invitation for little girls. It might even work for big girls who are still young enough at heart to throw Teddy bear tea parties!

If your tastes run more toward the formal, or you need instructions for making these for making square format, check out this other tea party invite I previously posted on this blog or my page that has five other free tea party invitations, three of which feature vintage art. Just click the link in the previous sentence or the button below to see and download them.

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Credits: Thanks to Lisa Craig-Mullins of Primsy Doodle Designs for use of her illustration and polka dot background in this free Teddy bear tea party invitation design.

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